Monday, February 6, 2012


These are photos from last weekend. I apologize for the quality. Earlier, in the day I had an allergy attack, took some medicine for it and I was out cold for the day! By the time I woke, it was dark out and as you can see, not the best lighting for photos.  That night we went to a restaurant that we came across by chance and ended up loving it! It was tucked away in a little corner and it was exactly what I needed to make me feel better!  This night I decided to wear my new Michael Kors boots that I just got in. I have been wanting these boots for the longest and couldn't find them in stock (or in my size) anywhere! Everyone I would ask told me to give up, because I wouldn't find them. But little do they know, once I fall in retail love with something I can't let it go! After much searching/hunting, I found a pair and they are now where they're supposed to be... On my feet. Did I mention I got free shipping AND they were on sale!? <3

Over the knee boots "Bromley" Michael Kors

I thank my beautiful sister for this shirt ;p

Jewelry- f21


Tree filled with wishes

"I wid I wish i get Free everthing"

"May the people that need help,get it and the people that need love,find it."

"...I want to make the best in life!"

I think my wish paper would include " I wish I wasn't allergic to Peanuts" ;)

                                                                         <3 Stay L.A.

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  1. Girl you know i be supporting you on this blog! how come i didnt know about this sooner? lol anyway, hope youre feeling better from your allergy attack! <3 FOllowing your blog!