Sunday, June 24, 2012

Gravitate Towards the Opposite

In this outfit, I decided to pair two pieces that are quite opposite of one another. To me this sheer blouse with a delicate bow, against these edgy leather burgundy shorts, brings balance to this outfit. 
Continue reading for more photos of this outfit. Enjoy! 
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Shorts: Forever 21

I need a hair cut badly!
Makeup: Chanel foundation, Naked Pallet/Mac Eye shadow, Nars Orgasm blush and gloss.

Accessories: Macy's Cross, BCBG "Blessed" Bracelet,Skulls Kimski Makes

Blouse: Zara

I hope you are having a great Sunday!



  1. you look soooo beautiful! I've just started following your blog, maybe you would like to visit&follow mine in some free time?

    1. Magnes! First of all, thank you for your sweet comment and for following! It means the world to me! I just got done checking out your blog and it's great! You are so young and already have such great style! Keep it up! Also let me know if there is anything you would like me to post about! Take care!
      <3 Stay L.A.