Friday, July 27, 2012

Viva: Part Two

After leaving the day club, my friends and I ate a great meal and took a quick nap. We knew we would need the rest for the fun night we had planned ahead of us!!
Dress & belt: H&M ,Shoes & purse: Aldo, Jewlery: Kimski Makes

With my favorite ladies all dolled up!

Rocking my favorite lipstick: Rebel- MAC
While waiting in line with my friends, we spotted this beauty above (Taylor Hannah.) She is even more gorgeous in person! She told us that she's a model and an aspiring singer! It is always so great meeting a fellow L.A. native when you are out of town and it dosen't hurt that she was so kind and sweet! I hope to run into her again soon! 
If you're reading this Taylor.. HI!! ;)

This is the best photo I could get of Cassie as she walked to her table! Loving those earrings she's rocking!

I dont know how, but I was lucky enough to hang out at Diddy's and Cassie's table, where I also saw...

...this guy! ( Ray Jay)

Must have been a good song playing! ;p
To end our weekend,  a few of us decided to visit the amazing M buffet the next day! Thanks to my girlfriend, we were able to get in quickly and avoided the long wait! All of the food was sooo good!  
To add to the fun and mix things up, we started a mini plating competition amongst ourselves! Unfortunately , I only have the photos of my food below!

Photo of the first creme brulee I've ever tried! <3
Admiring the beautiful view during the ride home. <3
 Spending time with my closest friends has been the highlight of my summer so far. 
Even though it was short and nothing too crazy or extravagant was planned; spending quality time with my ladies was exactly what I needed!

I hope all of you are spending time with the people that make you the happiest and enjoying your summer!
<3 Stay L.A.

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