Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lavender Silence

Don't get me wrong I love the big city of Los Angeles, but sometimes I enjoy going back to the comforts of a small town. Every so often, I escape the smoke and the traffic to visit my parents. Other than Mom's cooking or playing with the pup, one of my favorite things to do is enjoy the peace of the neighborhood. The most noise I ever hear there is a few barks or the closing of a garage door, a big change compared to the city life here in L.A.

I decided to take advantage of the wide-open streets and lovely weather, to take a few photos to share with you! The weather at my parent’s house is often on the warmer side, so even in these fall months I can get away with just a tank and jeans. This is one of the great things about California; you can still get away with Spring/Summer pieces even in the middle of fall!

Necklace- F21

Purse- Aldo

Watch- F21

Shoes- Steve Madden

Shades- Aldo

Jeans- H&M


Eyes-M.A.C Indianwood Paint pot

I can't wait to go back and enjoy the comforts of home again soon!

<3 Stay L.A.

Below are some Steve Madden wedges very similar to the one's I own. 

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  1. Amazing outfit! I love the pants and the top :) They look awesome together ♥

    I went ahead and followed you on GFC, you have amazing style and look forward to future posts :) Hope you can check out mine, too, and follow if you like! xo