Tuesday, November 13, 2012

On the move...

I'm in the middle of moving and haven't had that much time to shoot any new outfit posts. Luckily, I had these photos stashed away for who knows what reason. I wore this outfit out to visit The Annenberg Space for Photography's exhibit called "Who Shot Rock & Roll." 

I visited the Annenberg a while back for another exhibit, and I was excited when I saw that this would be showing next. The exhibit focused on the greats of rock and roll and the beautiful photos taken of them performing, posing and even just being regular people.  

Some of my favorite photos from the exhibit were of the artist during pivotal moments in their lives and careers. After a big break up of a band or an artist and their spouse. Or after a record breaking moment or sold out performance. 
Those were the photos that had the biggest impact on me because the photographers were able to capture the feeling of anger, sadness, freedom, or joy in the artist. And you know that these photos were great, because years later after these moments have long passed, you could still feel it like it just happened.

Leather Skirt- Forever 21 Get a similar one  here

Grey V neck T-shirt- Target
Jacket- Levis

Lipstick- Rebel M.A.C
Cross Necklace- Forever 21
<3 Stay L.A.

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