Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Split personalities...

Valentines Day

Valentine's 2013 Split personality Outfits
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Not sure what I will be doing on Valentine's Day, so I haven't quite figured out what I will be wearing. But, I put together these two looks that I think would look great depending on your personality and mood this Valentine's day!

There are so many different way's to dress for this special occasion. You could be going on a day time outing or a late night rendezvous etc.  So, I narrowed it down to two outfits that you can wear depending on if you were feeling sweet and flirty during the day or sexy and fierce at night.
The sweet and flirty outfit is very feminine and romantic, with minimal jewelry. 
Where as the sexy and fierce look is more edgy and bold....still very feminine, but in a different type of way. 
 Personally, I'm feeling the second look a little more
Which style/look is more you this Valentine's Day?

<3 Stay L.A.


  1. I'll take the sexy & fierce anytime.....I'm glad to have found you via Instagram!!!


    1. Rebecca, Yes I love that look too! And I'm soo happy that you found me as well! Thanks for reading! <3 I'll be sure to look at your blog right now too!