Friday, March 15, 2013

Back to basics

  Growing up I was always a jeans a T-shirt type of gal  But back then you would hardly ever catch me in a pair of heels. I was a dancer, so you would most likely catch me wearing sneakers ..and if you go back to even younger years, on a weekend, you'd probably catch me wearing some motorcycle boots to go out riding with my dad. But that was about the extent of my wardrobe I would say.
Photos by: TitoC 

 Now that I'm a bit older not much has changed, I still love going back to the basic jeans and tee but I've stepped it up a little.  My jeans changed from baggy to tight and my place is filled with more heels than sneakers, but I still love keeping it simple.

For this outfit I'm wearing some of my favorite basics, my black jacket, a simple gray v-neck, oxblood skinny jeans and my current favorite heels from Zara!

Soon I will be sharing my backstage and front row experience as VoCe haircare's insider at this years Style Fashion Week here in Los Angeles! Make sure to follow my blog for an exclusive look at some of my favorite designers newest collections!

Stay L.A.

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