Monday, April 22, 2013


We've been truly blessed here in L.A. So much great weather to be thankful for. With a Saturday filled with only a few errands to do, it makes the weekend that much more enjoyable. For my outfit I'm wearing my new Lucky Brand jeans. I usually don't like wearing white jeans..they are pretty difficult for me to wear. I feel like as soon as I step out of the house, everything form coffee to dust within a 5 foot radius wants to cling on to me. Luckily, with these leopard print white jeans, if I do get a small smudge or a drip of coffee on it, it's a little less noticeable. 

 I decided to pair my jeans with this coral v-neck and my new Guess shades. This outfit felt very appropriate for this laid back weekend. The weather was sitting nicely in the 80's and I didn't mind one bit. With the nice cool breeze it was the perfect setting to lay out in a hammock to take a nap. Seeing that I don't have one...I settled for taking a nap with the windows rolled down in the car, as we got home from our errands. ;p

I'm crossing my fingers that every weekend this spring and summer season is just like this one. 

Stay L.A.

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  1. love your pants <333 and definitely envy the beautiful weather over there in LA