Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How I Tame My Mane...

[Photos by : AO]

The first thing I often get asked is how I take care of my hair. My hair is about 1 inch past my hips and can get very unmanageable if I don't use the best products for my hair type. I have long, naturally curly hair and with that comes dryness & breakage. If your hair is not properly cleansed and conditioned it can be prone to even more breakage wether it is curly or straight. 

 So the first step I take in maintaining my hair is using shampoos, conditioners and styling products that work best with my hair to maintain hydration and prevent further damage. 

Below are my current favorite go-to products under $10 that you can find at any drugstore or Target. These are products that I always have on hand and use every time I cleanse, condition & style my hair. 

I have also listed a few of my favorite products that are worth the splurge starting at $10 and up. I have found that investing in a few of these items is a great idea. Since I only use these items on occasion or once every 2 weeks in between my everyday products, I find that I still reap the benefits and at the same time, I save money since I don't have to constantly restock.

I plan on sharing more on how I train my mane in future posts so please subscribe for more updates on that and let me know what hair questions you have & what you want to see!

<3 Stay L.A


  1. your hair is absolutely gorgeous love <3 and thank you for the advice and tips :D

  2. Wow! So many different products. I only have one shampoo, one conditioner, one conditioning spray, heat protection and hairspray. That's it. :D