Friday, May 17, 2013


Since it's Friday, I wanted to share a"flashback friday"post of my experience at the PIA fashion show at LAFW. This by far was my favorite collection of the season! 

 For this show, I decided to stay backstage & experience it from behind the curtains to take a peek at what happens on the other side of the runway. When I walked back there into the madness of models changing, hairspray spraying everywhere & everyone running around I thought for a second that I made the wrong choice walking back here. 
 But then I started to notice the models lining up & it got a little more quite backstage. 
I also noticed designer Pia Gladys Perry and her team eagerly awaiting the start of the show. 
I had the chance to speak with her right before the show started & asked her if she was nervous or excited about the show finally starting , but being a vet of many many runway shows she simply said that she's happy that it's about to begin. 

She had such confidence, and as I took a look around at her designs on the models, I understood why she was not nervous at all.  There wasn't a piece that walked down that runway that I didn't love. I loved how each of her designs were made as though to emphasize the best part of every woman. I also began to understand why celebrities like Angelina Jolie love to wear her her designs.

From the slits on the dresses, to the gathering of the fabric and the drops of the necklines, I adored every detail of this collection. As I talked to Pia more during the show I learned more about where she came from & a little about her journey I came to appreciate her work even more!
As a fellow Filipina I really admired her journey as a designer & all that she has come to accomplish. I also admired her confidence & how humble she was. Although she is now based out of the Philippines, quite a ways from Los Angeles, I hope to run in to her again soon.

All smiles before she takes the stage at the end of her show!

[Photos by : Stay L.A.]

It was such an amazing experience being backstage and watching the show from a new perspective. I was so thankful to have met Pia and see her collection closer than I would have been able to from the audience. Her work is something I will continue to follow & I can't wait to see where the next few years takes her!

Stay L.A.

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