Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sun Day...

Hello Everyone! You might be wondering to yourself  who is this gal? I don' t recognize her! Or some of you do recognize me from a couple of my sisters earlier post. Either way, this is going to be my first official entry.  With that  being said my name is L.A., the older sister and half of Stay L.A.  

 My sister and I are quite the opposite in many ways but fashion is one of things we have in common. We both love a great bargain so when I met up with my sister last Sunday to chit chat, I mentioned to her all my great finds I was wearing that day. So Stacey decided to have an impromptu "photoshoot" on this beautiful sunny Sunday to capture my awkward model pose & my OOTD.

 Although these pieces are plain, they are all basics I can mix & match in my spring/summer wardrobe!

                                                                                Post written by : L.A.
Photos by: Stacey
Thanks so much for reading! I will be posting more in the future so please look out for more posts form me. I love to find bargains, shopping for accessories & everything fashion related so if you want to see more posts like that let me know!

Hope you have a great day!

[links to similar pieces below]


  1. I love the matchy matchiness of the arm candies and earrings! Comfy and cute outfit :)
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    1. Thank you so much ! Really appreciate your comment Tracey! <3 - L.A.

  2. Your sister is so pretty! Love ya stay!


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  3. Thank you Joannie ! You're so sweet and I know she appreciates your comment!! =) <3 Stacey