Monday, June 10, 2013

Important lessons...

Perception ...the grass is always greener on the other side

 No it's green where you water it . So why not water the ground you stand in? There are things in our life that we can't control and occur even if we don't want them to. So why not make the most out of your situation & learn as much as you can? And when that phase or chapter closes use that experience to launch you/ catapult you into the next chapter . Something that I always try to remember is never let your current circumstances hold you back but lift you higher to becoming a better person.
Yes when you are down, feel free to cry, or get angry, or get upset for just a little. But never let yourself fall into making excuses or feeling bad for yourself.  Use what you may think are your disadvantages as your advantages, find ways in which you can benefit a situation, your life, or someone else's, by what you've experienced. And soon enough you find a field of green laying right under you own feet. 

Here are some other important lessons I try to remember no matter my circumstances & I constantly try to remind myself of when I'm working towards my goals:
Never limit yourself. 
Ask for help.
Admit when you are wrong.
Work hard.
Stay true to yourself.

I've found that when I practice these important lessons I've learned I'm able to reach whatever goal it is I have for myself & I've been able to overcome any hurdles I've come across. So if you're trying to land a job, purse a new career path, create a company or whatever your goal may be, I hope you find these helpful to you.

Comment below & let me know some important lessons that you've learned to help you accomplish your goals ! I'm so interested to know what has been successful for you. 

Best of luck to you in all you do!

<3 Stay L.A.

Lace body suit - Marshalls
Brown maxi skirt- Forever 21

|| Photography by: Jana Williams ||

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  1. Tjis outfit is amazing! It feels so natural. You're very beautiful!

  2. Thank you for awesome advices and so relevant because I'm currently on the hunt for a job. :) I love this awesome outfit of yours and how it mixes the soft, feminine lace with an earthly toned skirt giving it such an lovely outfit.