Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mixing, Matching & Moving on...

I wore these shorts a while back in this post where I toned it down with a little more feminine and soft top. I love these shorts because I can take it from romantic to edgy just by mixing it with a few other pieces.
  I was even able to wear this shirt in a more corporate setting in my previous job, just by pairing it with slacks and basic black pumps. Pieces that I can mix and match from weekend to work days are things I love to have in my closet.

 I am always looking for clothes I can mix & match especially recently. I'm in the middle of moving into a new place & it seems that with each new place I move into, the closet becomes smaller and smaller, or my wardrobe is getting too big... Either way,I've really been trying to clear out the excess and stick to transitional pieces like these! That will take up less space but I can make the most use out of!

Speaking of excess... I've been wanting to cut my hair for the past year or so because it's getting so long! It's getting to a point where I'm doing more braids, buns & ponytails to my hair. Or if I'm really lazy.. there's always my all time favorite... the hat! 

Any suggestions on new hair styles I should try out?

Shirt- Macy's
Shorts- Forever 21
Shoes- H&M
Lipstick- M.A.C.
Purse- (Similar Aldo)

|| Photography by Jana Williams Photography||

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  1. This look is 100% something I'd wear! I love the print and colour and in combination with that lip stain it's plain gorgeous!!