Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The key to success...

 Comfort is key when it comes to what I do. Especially when were talking about shoes! Trust me, I love wearing heels,  but I will 99% of the time have a spare of comfy shoes in the car or in my bag that I will quickly slip into when times get rough! 

It is especially important for me to carry a spare pair of shoes when I'm running from a meeting where I have to wear heel and look professional and then run to a photo shoot to set up. 

Ladies, you always have to be ready and equipped for any situation in this business! Chriselle snapped this quick photo below I posted on Instagram. I was running from a meeting/shoot with Nordstrom with her, where I wore my semi-comfy flat-form wedges. Then immediately after, I had to head to the office and help the team set up for a photo shoot. 
After a couple hours at Nordstrom walking around I knew I had to slip out of these wedges! And my current favorite pair of Nike's came to the rescue! If you've never been on a photo shoot, or if you are an intern going into your first internship, or even just someone who has to go from work to running errands; I suggest you invest in a great pair of simple comfortable sneakers like these! Trust me it's all glamorous when you see the outcome of the shoot, but behind the scenes it's a lot of running around and labor intensive work!

It's very important to look polished and professional! But it's also important to know you do not need to look like you came straight off the runway when you are interning or working behind the scenes in fashion! You must remember to never let your outfit restrict you from doing your work! So some of my essentials on days like this are comfortable pants (usually leggings), a loose fitting top, comfortable flats & a good hair tie!

Another great tip is to add a pop of color whether it's in a necklace or on your blouse (like I did here.) This is a great way to make your comfortable outfit more lively! As you can see, I kept the accessories to a minimum, with just a silver necklace, just in case we are shooting a video with sound, I don't want to create noise with a bunch of arm candy as I run around the set!

Click here to get a glimpse of what I mean by hard work behind the scenes ;)

What are your favorite pieces and shoes to wear to when you have busy days like this?
Hope you're having a wonderful week!

<3 Stay L.A.

 Blouse- Forever 21
Leggings- Zara
Sneakers- Nike
Wedges- Aldo

||Photography by Chriselle Lim|

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  1. I looove your hair. And I have a pair of sneakers too that I don't use too much but I'm mom so always sneaker is a good idea haha

  2. That last picture of you is so breathtakingly beautiful! I'm so thankful for this sneakers trend recently! Finally I can wear comfortable shoes and still look rather chic! :D