Tuesday, November 12, 2013

At heart...

Growing up you could find me being my parents shadow. What ever they did, I wanted to do. Sometimes it became whatever they wore I wanted to wear. To this day, I still borrow from my mom and dads closet trying to keep a piece of them and their style with me since I don't get to see them everyday. Wether it's my mom's scarf or my dad's old shirt I love adding in their old pieces into my wardrobe. 

 Although this black leather jacket is neither my mom or my dad's hand me down, it still makes me think of them. Times when I would hop on the back of my dad's motorcycle when I was little for a road trip to through the mountains.  Or stories of when my mom and dad we're just young teens in love riding through the streets of the Philippines heading home from a date or work. Black will always be a comfort color for me. So even when I try to blend in pops of color into my wardrobe I always try to top it off with something black. Or I try to find pieces that have a pop of color with accents of black like this leather trimmed skirt. I will always be a tomboy/biker girl at heart so leather accents or leather biker jackets that add an edge to an outfit is what I like to drape over skirtsdresses or any other outfit that's too feminine for me.

As I mentioned before the Philippines is my parents birthplace, where they grew up and where most of my family still reside. With the recent tragic typhoon that hit, I am sending my love and prayers to everyone affected. I ask that you take the time if you haven't already to learn more about what's happening and to take action. One thing my mom handed down to me was this lesson: to give even when you think you have nothing to give. Wether it's a few cents or dollars, your time or sending care packages, we can all do something to help our brothers and sisters in the Phillipines.  
Find out how you can help and be the light for someone HERE & HERE.

<3 Stay L.A.

Photos by: Jessica Whitehead

outfit DETAILS

Leather jacket- Top Shop

Black top (actually a dress)- H&M (similar)

Skirt- Top Shop

Shoes- H&M (similar)

Sunglasses- BCBG Generation (similar)



  1. I love your skirt so much! Leather jackets are such basics!


    1. Thanks for the compliment =) I completely agree that leather jackets are a staple piece to have! Hope you have a great day !!

  2. I love your style. Do you want to take a look at my blog? http://mademoiselleeclatante.blogspot.be

    1. Really appreciate the comment and for taking the time to stop by!! I'll definitely stop by your page!!

  3. I need to find this skirt now. I really like the cut and the leather trimming on the bottom. Good choice!

    1. Haha I know how you feel! When I saw it online I fell in love! Found it at Nordstrom http://bit.ly/Iq8QCb! You're so sweet to stop by my blog and show me love Thanks Anne!! <3