Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How time flies...

 There has been a bit of silence between my posts and to be honest it's been a crazy couple of months for me. 

 Losing someone you love is never an easy thing. I tried to take time off from posting much, on all of my social media just because my heart and mind wasn't on posting about fashion or anything of that sort. I made a peep with my [last post] to try to take my mind of things, but even then I couldn't find it in me to justify taking any outfit photos or talk about what I as up to. I found strength in friends and in family, music & prayer. I found joy in looking back on moments, photos & videos. Which took up most of the time I would usually spend on my posts. 

Time has flew by since then and September came with some new plans for me. I made my way to the big apple with the team and experienced my first New York Fashion week. And what a whirlwind it was! I  took quite a bit of photos and even posted a few on Instagram. But at the time I didn't have a moment to share it on here! I'd love to share my experience and adventures at NYFW in a post if any of you are interested. 

As October came around, I took a trip to San Francisco with the team and ran my first Nike Marathon. Something I never thought I would do , let alone do without much training. But it was a life changing experience that I am so glad I had. Also, my birthday came and went so fast this past month too. It was a relaxing and enjoyable one and I couldn't be more thankful for another year of life!

Now that November is here, I'm focused on posting more and dedicating more time to doing more posts, more of what I love and pursuing goals that were put on hold.

Just reflecting on this past month, I've realized that so much as changed & this past year even more so. Feeling blessed for where I stand now & I'm up for the challenges that wait for me ahead.  Hoping to make some big moves and changes in the coming months and year & I'm planning on sharing it here. 

Thanks for those of you that still stop by to read my past posts & for reading this one today. I hope these past few months have been good to you. 

<3 Stay L.A.

Photos by: Jessica Whitehead

outfit DETAILS

 Hat- Guess- similar
 Bag- H&M- similar 
 Trousers- Sam & Lavi & in Black
 Top - American Apparel-similar 
Jacket- Line & Dot 
 Shoes- Guess 



  1. Great post! Keep up the good work Stacey <3

  2. LOVE this! Really need that black bag still!!! Welcome back....cant wait to see your regular posts! xoxoxoxo

  3. Cool outfit! It has a bit of an androgynous look! Don't worry too much about the time you've been gone. Blogging is meant to be fun but if your heart isn't into it than you should take a break =)


  4. Love everything! Especially that blazer :)