Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moment of enlightenment...

 One thing I never thought I'd say is that I miss going to school. Recently I've been talking with friends of mine about the void in my life of feeling the "high" when you are learning something new. You know that excitement you get when the teacher explains something that you might not get right away, but when you do you understand, you get what Psychologist call an "aha moment." 

That moment of enlightenment, that moment where the pieces come together and some concept or some theory or idea, resonates with you. I've had a couple of those moments from teachers inside the classroom as well as outside. For me it takes more than just a concept to take hold of me and give me that feeling. It takes a great speaker who puts it into a perspective that grabs you and sits with you forever. 
I've been longing for that again in my life and since I've been out of school for a few years now, I knew it was in my hands to go out there and find it myself. I feel so thankful that I have the resources I have now to do so. Not too long ago I couldn't just turn on my computer and access this continuous hub of information we call the internet. But now that I do, it's my responsibility to sort thru it, read it, watch it, learn it & most importantly share it. I'm constantly craving new information because it's the only way that I can move myself forward, open my mind to different concepts and it inspires me to do so much with my life. 
Here are just a couple of my favorite places (online) to turn to when I want to learn something new, find motivation or need a positive push : Daily MotivatorTedGFDAOprah. These are just a few of the many other books and resources I like to reference. Share some of yours in the comments below!

outfit DETAILS
Shoes || Guess
Jumpsuit || Similar
Sunglasses || BCBG
Necklace || Hatti Chai
Bracelet || Hatti Chai

Stay hungry!

<3 Stay L.A

Photos by: Jessica Whitehead

P.S. The bracelet and necklace I am wearing in this post are from Hatti Chai. Designer & friend of mine Stella is someone who always inspires me with her amazing work. Make sure to check out her site HERE.



  1. This jumpsuit looks great on you! The fit is amazing!

    1. You're so sweet girl! Thanks Anne!! <3