Friday, February 27, 2015


I sometimes catch myself asking "What if?" I begin questioning outcomes and if/then instances of so many things in my life. During my most recent trip to New York,  I watched the Broadway play "If/Then." It's a play about a woman"discovering a world of infinite possibilities" while trying to start her life over. After watching this, I began analyzing my own life and I couldn't help but reflect on the amazing way that life unfolds.

Whether you believe that life is left up to chance, choice or planned by a higher power, they all happen with purpose and intent sometimes far bigger than we can understand. 

In these moments, you may meet the right person that inspires you. You may even encounter a moment that changes your perspective, or you could reunite with someone that you never thought you'd see again. All in an instant, your entire life can change.

This past month, I've experienced all of the above. 

I've had a lot of time to reflect on these moments, during all of my alone time on planes, taxis & long drives home. And for every encounter and experience, I am thankful for. 

I can even say that I'm thankful for the unexpected moments that have occured . Though sometimes sad or difficult to  accept, I've tried my best to find the good in those as well. During these times, I search for opportunities to grow stronger in my faith and use this as a time to improve myself, lift the spirits of those around me or help alleviate the situation.

 I'm grateful for the handful of new friends I've made during my most recent trip to New York. As well as a couple of old friends that I've had the opportunity to learn more about and grow closer to.

 It's astounding how a simple "hello," a choice to make plans or taking that one chance or trip, could lead to the most incredible moments in your life or someone else's. 

photographer Erich Chen (check out his work HERE)

So here's to meeting new friends, making time for old ones, taking chances and making the best of every situation you encounter.

Share your latest inspirations or life changing moments with me in the comments! 

Also, you can catch more of what I'm up to on Instagram, where I tend to post tons of photos especially when I'm traveling. This is where you can see what I did on my latest trip to New York (here @StayLA)


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    1. Thanks for commenting Sumita! Yes Erich is an awesome photographer! I have new shots with him I'm going to share soon! So please keep checking back to see those!

  2. Love your sweater! It looks so warm and cozy :)
    XO Janina

    1. First, thanks for commenting on so many of my posts! <3 it means a lot to me! Checked out your blog and you're gorgeous! Excited to see more from you!

  3. You look gorgeous. Your blog is an inspiration for me and my own blog! Thank you:)

    1. Livia, thank you you're beautiful too ! <3 And I'm so flattered by your comment! I'm so glad that you decided to start your own! Make sure to leave me a comment and share it with me so I can check it out! <3